Are Your Financial Plans Motivated By Love? Looking At The Commitment Money Mind ®

Are Your Financial Plans Motivated By Love? Looking At The Commitment Money Mind ®

July 25, 2018

Money Mind® is an app created to assist people who want to learn more about their financial mindset and how it affects their choices. Protection, Happiness, and Commitment are the three Money Mind® types detailed in the app, which tells you the unique percentage of each that makes up your financial personality. Knowing yourself in this way can help you and your financial advisor when it comes to planning your financial future.


The Protection type is driven by fear, the Happiness type is driven by joy, and the Commitment type is driven by a love of helping and caring for others. This type is selfless and giving but can sometimes ignore their own needs and let others take charge of important financial decisions.


People who are driven by the Commitment Money Mind® are civic-minded and dutiful. They dedicate themselves, not just their finances, to their family, friends, community, and causes. This type also considers multiple points of view when making decisions.


While the Commitment type is an amazing friend and family member, they often spread themselves thin for others by not prioritizing their own needs and wellbeing. They can spend a lot of their energy concerned with not having enough time or money to give as well. In the worst cases, Commitment types may not be planning or saving enough for themselves, which will add even more stress for them down the road. Also, when it comes to financial choices, this type will often put too much weight on the opinions of others, not trusting themselves.


The Commitment type has some great opportunities to improve their financial health with these simple steps.

  1. They must evaluate their giving – is it out of obligation or passion for a cause.
  2. Take more control of the financial ship. Taking a more active role will lead to better decision making.
  3. Commitment types need to think of themselves and their own futures when allocating their time and resources.
  4. Plan and quantify their capacity to give or support with care. Don’t overcommit.

Some of the best people in the world fit the Commitment Money Mind®, and they deserve to give the same love and care they show to others to themselves and their financial future.

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