Are Your Financial Plans Motivated By Fear? Looking at the Protection Money Mind®

Are Your Financial Plans Motivated By Fear? Looking at the Protection Money Mind®

May 02, 2018

What Is Money Mind®?

In a previous blog, I detailed Money Mind®, an interactive app designed to help people see how the way they feel about money affects their lives. It was created by a group of financial advisors to help their clients make more thoughtful financial planning decisions.

Your Financial Personality

Many people take tests like the Myers Briggs to learn more about who they are based on their personality type, so they can apply that knowledge to their future choices and actions. This app tells users their financial personality type and helps them understand how that type impacts their financial planning.  

There are three Money Mind® types: Protection, Happiness, and Commitment. Most people are a mixture of these types, and the Money Mind® analyzer shows how much influence these different types have on users’ financial decision making. I’ll be detailing each of these types in the coming months. Let’s begin with the Protection Money Mind®.


The Protection Money Mind® is motivated by fear and it  values financial security above all else. While people who are this type usually make safe financial decisions, they often struggle with anxiety and have trouble enjoying the money they’ve earned.


The Protection type is the most responsible with their money. Their financial choices are cautious and deliberate because the Protection type believes in preparing for adversity. They live in the real world and do what it takes to be ready for life’s financial challenges, so they and their loved ones are ready for what life throws at them.


Caution, personal sacrifice, and delay of gratification are the hallmarks of Protection, but these can lead this type to be anxious and keep them from enjoying the fruits of their labor. For couples where one partner is the Protection type and the other is Happiness, there can be major conflicts, as one partner focuses on saving while the other focuses on spending money on things their partner will see as frivolous. Protection types may also miss important financial opportunities because they fear the risk.


By knowing their strengths and challenges, Protection types can make better financial choices and keep their fear in check. They can stop their quest for safety from resulting in excessive personal sacrifice. They can also be more aware of their pessimism, so that the fear of financial risk doesn’t keep them from possible financial gains. When the Protection Money Mind® understands themselves, they can create a process to ensure they maximize their life without compromising their financial future.

Let Us Help

Does the Protection Money Mind® sound like your type? Try the app and find out. Knowing your type can help your financial advisor better serve you. If you’d like to discuss your type and learn more about how we can help you with financial planning and investing, contact me at (626) 529-8347 or email me directly at

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