Are Your Financial Plans Motivated By Joy? Looking At The Happiness Money MindⓇ

Are Your Financial Plans Motivated By Joy? Looking At The Happiness Money MindⓇ

July 16, 2018

What Is Money Mind®?

Money Mind® is an interactive app designed by a group of financial advisors to help people understand their feelings about money so they can make more thoughtful financial decisions. There are three Money Mind® types: Protection, Happiness, and Commitment. The Money Mind® analyzer shows how these mindsets influence financial planning. I’ve already detailed the Protection Money Mind®, and you can learn more about the benefits of using the Money Mind® app here. Let’s take a closer look at the Happiness Money Mind®.


The Happiness Money Mind® is motivated by enjoyment. People in this category have a zeal for life and a positive outlook, but sometimes their need for instant gratification can leave them in financial trouble.


The Happiness type enjoys focusing on rich experiences. They believe in getting the most of life, which can lead to amazing adventures. This type is also decisive, even with big decisions. When they want something, they don’t hem and haw – they go for it. Their generally positive attitude about finances and the future also makes them fun people to be around.


Though they are generally quite joyful, the Happiness type often feels like they don’t have enough. Their desire for more in the moment can also make them not prioritize saving for the future. Remember their decisive nature? That ability to make quick decisions makes them too casual about big choices and future risks. Their lack of foresight is a recipe for future financial disaster.


The good news is, with the right checks and balances in place, the Happiness type can enjoy life and have a secure financial future. By being aware of their need for instant gratification, they can train themselves to stop and evaluate potential risks before jumping into a big expense. It’s also important that they prioritize savings immediately by setting a savings goal that is adequate to cover future needs or unexpected events. It’s recommended that the Happiness type use a checklist when making important decisions to weigh opportunity and risk.

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