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Financial planning is a process. Just like doing laundry or baking a cake. The key to success is repetition. See the process in action in this introduction to the HBA Wealth Cycle.

Welcome to the Wealth Cycle

The HBA Wealth Cycle delivers active financial planning and investment management throughout the life of your relationship with us. We don’t just ‘set it and forget it’ when it comes to your finances. We move repeatedly through a proven five-stage process to help you save money and make money:

  1. Assess – Gathering your assets, liabilities, policies, income and expenses gives us the information we need to draw your personal financial road map.
  2. Design – We uncover the why behind your financial plan to help you decide what you want, what you are willing to exchange for it and then get to work achieving it.
  3. Savings – We all talk about savings but most of us don’t do nearly enough of it. We analyze your cash flow to discover opportunities for saving on traditional and nontraditional things.
  4. Growth – We pursue goals-based investing to help you achieve your financial growth. Asset allocation, modern portfolio theory, active management and alternative investments help us build you a next generation portfolio.
  5. Report – Every year, we provide a report summarizing how much we’ve made and saved for you. We show you how every step you’ve taken throughout the year has set you on a path toward attaining your financial goals.

See how our proven process helps you accomplish your goals and enjoy financial freedom.

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