Your Client Bill Of Rights

Your Client Bill Of Rights

April 16, 2019

Our role as financial professionals goes beyond providing financial education and creating financial strategies. An integral part of our job lies in our commitment and responsibility to our clients, which involves the experience our clients have in working with our firm. Our clients are our number-one priority, and the HBA Wealth Client Bill of Rights shows a few ways we strive to provide the highest level of service to them, allowing them to expect the following:

1. Objective Guidance

As an independent financial advisory and accounting firm, it is our responsibility to put our clients’ interests above our own. We do not have conflicts of interest with a parent firm or sales quotas to meet. Whenever we give advice or recommendations, we do it with our clients in mind and with the intention of helping them build successful financial plans for the long term.

2. Values-Based Financial Planning

What motivates you? What do you love? What can’t you stop talking about? We look beyond your bank account and dive deep into understanding you and your life because we believe the answers to these questions form the foundation of your financial plan. We not only seek to learn the why behind what you do, but we care about your passions and dreams—not just your wealth.

3.  A Trusted Relationship

We want to give our clients the best we have to offer. Our mission is to build an independent firm that is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service to individuals, families, and businesses. We accomplish this by taking the time to build close relationships and understand your needs. Our clients know they can rely on us to do what’s right for them and to be there for them. We promise to always be clear and transparent with our clients and to grow our relationship of trust as time goes on.

4. Dedication To Growth

Our firm boasts more than 50 years of combined investment experience, but we don’t stop there. We pursue continued education and industry credentials to grow, all to help you achieve your goals. Not only that, but we stay on top of technology to make sure that we offer tools that give you greater flexibility and control over your finances.

5. Increased Financial Confidence

Life can be complicated and have its share of ups and downs. Our goal is to work with our clients to create a secure investment and wealth management plan that can help weather the storms of financial markets so that they can focus on living their life, knowing that their finances are in order.

6. Education To Empower

We not only strive to give our clients the best results, but we also desire to educate and guide them so they feel confident in their plans and strategies. We hope to be open and honest with our clients, teaching them as we collaboratively plan, so that they leave more aware of what is happening with their money.

We believe that our clients should be able to understand the how and why behind their planning.  If they understand the why behind their strategy, they will feel more comfortable, confident, and motivated to reach their goals.

Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?

At HBA Wealth, we do things differently. We look out for our clients and offer the highest level of service you can imagine. If this is something you are looking for in a financial professional, we encourage you to reach out to us today at (626) 529-8347 or by email at

About Haydel, Biel & Associates

Haydel, Biel & Associates is an independent financial advisory firm serving individuals and families near Pasadena, California. The firm was founded in 2004 by Chris Haydel and Ricky Biel with a desire to provide unbiased, client-centered, community-based financial advice. Together, they have built a practice that has grown into a family of caring, smart professionals committed to blending proven investment methodologies with creative financial technologies that make it easier than ever to accomplish your goals. They strive to keep things simple and fun to give their clients peace of mind and alleviate financial stress. HBA Wealth takes care of their clients’ needs first and foremost and goes the extra mile to make their clients’ finances grow. To meet and see how the HBA Wealth team may be able to help, contact them today at (626) 529-8347 or email Ricky directly at