Why We Love Living In Pasadena

Why We Love Living In Pasadena

November 19, 2018

We love living and working in Pasadena, California. This city is a true gem. Here are some of the reasons we call Pasadena home.

Location, Location, Location

Remember Goldilocks? She was always looking for something “just right.” That’s how we feel about Pasadena. We are only 10 miles from Los Angeles, not too close and not too far away from one of the best major cities in the world. Pasadena is a great place for nature lovers too. We’re located at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, part of the Angeles National Forest, the first national forest in the United States. These mountains provide the perfect backdrop for the city, and if you’re looking for a beach getaway, Pasadena is just a 30-minute car ride to the Pacific.

Things To Do, See, And Eat

Pasadena has its own fair share of things to do and see without leaving the city limits! We have world-class museums, architecture, and nature to enjoy (listed below). We’re also home to the famousRose Bowl andRose Parade.Old Pasadena is also great for shopping, nightlife, history, and food. Speaking of food, no matter what you’re craving, you can find it in Pasadena.Parkway Grill andArroyo Chop House are two of our favorite fine dining spots. For more casual food, we like to head toDog Haus, where you can get some of the most unique and delicious hot dogs and hamburgers around.

A Thriving Community

Another thing we love about Pasadena is our thriving, diverse community.Caltech and NASA’sJet Propulsion Laboratory help keep our community on the cutting edge of science and technology. Our city has small-town charm and is filled with nature lovers, business people, families, and some of the best scientists in the world. What’s not to love about that?

Supporting Our Community

Haydel, Biel & Associates was founded in 2004 so we could help more people in Pasadena and neighboring areas prosper. We take our role in this community very seriously.  We always put our clients and our community first. If you’d like to discuss your financial future and ways of reaching your long-term goals, give us a call at Haydel, Biel & Associates. You can contact me at (626) 529-8347 or email me directly at ricky@hbawealth.com.

About Haydel, Biel & Associates

Haydel, Biel & Associates is an independent financial advisory firm serving individuals and families near Pasadena, California. The firm was founded in 2004 by Chris Haydel and Ricky Biel with a desire to provide unbiased, client-centered, community-based financial advice. Together, they have built a practice that has grown into a family of caring, smart professionals committed to blending proven investment methodologies with creative financial technologies that make it easier than ever to accomplish your goals. They strive to keep things simple and fun to give their clients peace of mind and alleviate financial stress. HBA Wealth takes care of their clients’ needs first and foremost and goes the extra mile to make their clients’ finances grow. To meet and see how the HBA Wealth team may be able to help, contact them today at (626) 529-8347 or email Ricky directly at ricky@hbawealth.com.