Need A Summer Read? 4 Books To Add To Your List

Need A Summer Read? 4 Books To Add To Your List

June 26, 2019

Whether you are going on a road trip, taking a staycation, relaxing at the beach, or just enjoying your front porch in the warm summer evenings, a great book is the best thing to have by your side or in your bag. Yale researchers have found that people who read books for 30 minutes a day live longer, (1) and other studies show that reading helps you become more creative and open-minded. (2) So as you enjoy your other summer activities, grab one of our favorite books and let us know what you think! 

The Perfect Day Formula: How To Own The Day And Control Your Life

By Craig Ballantyne

Anyone who has tried to quit a bad habit or start a new one knows how formative habits are. This book is chock-full of practical ways for you to start living an intentional life, design your days, and live a life of purpose—a perfect catalyst to refresh your goals at this midyear mark! 

How Not To F*ck Up Your Kids Too Bad (And Why You Should Relax About Parenting)

By Stephen Marche

This Audible Original audiobook is a riveting discussion on modern parenting, taken from the author’s many travels and plentiful research. His premise is that as parents, we will screw up. There’s no way to fully prepare to become a parent, but focusing on what really matters will help your child succeed more than the number of extracurriculars they have or whether or not you co-slept. This is a good primer on what kids are facing these days and how parents, specifically fathers, can develop the right perspective to guide them through.

Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind And Defy The Odds

By David Goggins

We all know the mind and will are powerful. We can think ourselves into or out of things, and what we decide we’re capable of often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Goggins fully agrees, because he was able to overcome seemingly impossible odds and transform his life through self-discipline, mental toughness, and hard work. This is his story of becoming the only man in history to complete elite training as a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, and Air Force Tactical Air Controller, and how you can push past your fear and circumstances and reach your potential too. 

Dare To Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts.

By Brené Brown

Brené Brown has earned critical acclaim for her revolutionary research on vulnerability. Her latest book does not disappoint. It takes all her previous work and focuses it on leadership, giving us a new picture of what a leader really is: someone who stays curious, shares power, and prioritizes empathy, connection, and courage. If you’ve heard of Brené Brown but have yet to read any of her work, this is a fabulous place to start!

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